Automatic and human translations: A perfect fit

Manage your translations

Get high-quality translations by combining automatic translations with human translations. Review and edit all translations together with your team.

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How your website is being translated

Automatic translations

Machine translation is a form of translation where a piece of text or content is translated by a machine, rather than a human. This form of translation is instant and requires no human interaction.

Dilingual uses industry leading machine translation for translating your website using a high quality. This ensures that your website is accurately translated and that your customers can easily understand your content.

Manual review

While Dilingual (especially on our paid plans) will generally generate high quality translations, we give you the optional ability to review and edit all translations using our intuitive user interface.

You can also invite your whole team to collaborate on the translation of your site.

Professional translations

If you are in the need for high quality translations that are always 100% accurate, Dilingual can also do this.

Dilingual partners with translation agencies that can continuously manage your website translation for you.

Just contact our support team and we will get you in touch with one of our translation partners.

Powerful translation management features


Dilingual comes with a powerful translation management system that helps you keep track of your translations and ensure that they are always up-to-date.

The translation management system lets you:

  • Manage all your translations in one place.
  • Track which translations have been updated and need to be reviewed.
  • Automatically update your translations when new content is added or updated.

This ensures that your translations are always accurate and up-to-date, so you can focus on running your business, not managing your translations.

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Do you have some other questions?

How good is the quality of automated translations?

On our paid plans the quality of automated translations is usually good enough to not need any significant human editing.

Our free plans offer a more limited translation quality, so we recommend only using them for quick and easy translations or if you can edit the results yourself. If you need high-quality translations for business purposes, we recommend our paid plans.

Can I edit the translations together with my team?

Yes! With Dilingual, you can manage your translations with your team in a collaborative way. Simply invite your teammates to join your projects, and they will be able to contribute to your translation projects.