Translating websites has never been so easy

We take away the technical part of website translation and leave you the time and space to focus on your content and your actual projects.


A powerful tool with a user-friendly interface



Dilingual automatically translates your website without complex installations and configurations on the code level of your website.

Always up-to-date

Your website will be automatically scanned for content to be translated. Changes are also automatically detected, minimising the risk of untranslated content.

State of the Art Machine Learning

To translate your website into another language as quickly as possible, we support you with world's best machine learning translation solutions.

Visual Editor

Sometimes it can be helpful to see your website while translating it. With our visual editor, you can see changes and translations right on the spot.

Multilingual SEO

SEO adjustments for your website are made automatically by Dilingual and without further technical interventions. Your target group will always see the content in the correct language for their respective region.

Easy staging

We offer the option to translate your website without changing DNS settings on our staging platform. Customers will receive a temporary test domain for the translated page on which the translated website will be delivered.


Dilingual provides a visual representation of data such as translated page views, total translated words and more.

Import & Export

We offer the possibility to import and export translations as CSV.

Custom domains

We support custom domains for your translated website and the option to change the configuration at any time.

Language Switcher

The language switcher lets the visitors switch between different languages. It will be automatically installed on the translated pages. It has lots of configurations options and it can be customised.

Ignore translations

We offer you the possibility to ignore pages of your website from being translated. You can also ignore words and expressions such as Brands from being translated.

Review translations

We offer an intuitive and collaborative interface for editing, reviewing and publishing the translations. Furthermore, you can keep track of changes and suggestions.

Compatible with all major CMS


...and 99% of all other static websites based on known web standards.
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One tool for all your translations