Why does your product need a translated landing page

If you want to reach an international audience with your product or service, the question is how to translate your landing page into multiple languages.

Landing pages have been a popular and optimal way to present your product for many years. Regardless of your company's extensive website, a landing page allows you to inspire visitors and customers with a few short keywords and impressive product images and statistics of your product. Landing pages are characterized by their uncomplicated structure, focus on the essential and clear call-to-actions. Through these features, you turn visitors to a landing page from interests to paying customers.

If you want to reach an international audience with your product or service, the question is how to translate your landing page into multiple languages. Do you need to create new landing pages (we described the disadvantages of this here) or install complex technical plugins (we wrote a blog post about why this is a bad idea and can become a security risk for you)?

If you have your landing page and now want to turn it into a multilingual jack-of-all-trades, you not only face the challenge of how to translate your landing page in terms of language and content, you obviously also face technical and administrative challenges.

But enough about problems - you are looking for a pragmatic full-service 360 degree solution, and this is where we come in with our platform Dilingual. Dilingual offers the perfect translation and internationalization solution for your website project and landing page. This way you can reach your visitors in international markets easier, more targeted and without complex technical adjustments to your website. Thanks to our unique machine learning technology, we identify the texts to be translated on your landing page, translate them automatically and deliver a fully translated landing page automatically - it's that easy!

How can I translate my landing page into multiple languages?

Dilingual offers you a simple and efficient way to translate your landing page into dozens of languages in just a few seconds. Dilingual supports you throughout the entire process, both in the technical and administrative work on your landing page as well as in the content translation and post-editing. We work with machine learning, so that you and your team only have to approve the texts in the editorial work, or have them reviewed by a professional translation agency. Dilingual's extensive collaboration features enable simple review and approval processes within the team.

Is Dilingual compatible with my landing page?

Dilingual is compatible with almost any landing page. It doesn't matter if you built your landing page with a CMS like WordPress or Typo3, a SaaS provider like Jimdo, Wix or Webflow or a marketing tool like HubSpot or Unbounce. Dilingual is always the right solution. We achieve our extensive compabilty through consistent compliance and consideration of web and industry standards.

What are you waiting for? Start today and reach your customers worldwide.

Our team of experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have about Dilingual and its use in your landing page project, and to set it up with you free of charge and without obligation. Alternatively, you can go right ahead and explore the Dilingual platform on your own and apply it to your website project. It takes seconds and your landing page will be translated quickly and easily by our Machine Learning technology and can be post-processed by you and your team.

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