Things you should never translate on your website

Not everything should be translated on websites. In this post, we reveal what should better be left untouched and what to look for in translation software.

Translating your website has become more important than ever, and with Dilingual you can translate your website in seconds. Whether you want to translate your WordPress, Joomla, TYPO3, or Webflow website we got you covered.

So why would we, as a translation company, tell you to not translate certain things on your website? In this blog post, we will be sharing what and what you shouldn't translate on your website.

Be careful when translating legal content

Some pages on your website could be riskier to translate, this is especially true for pages containing legal content such as your Terms of Service. If these pages get incorrectly translated you could suddenly be subject to other terms and policies than what you intended to.

To learn more about translating pages such as your imprint or terms of service, check out our dedicated blog post about it. If you use Dilingual we got you covered! With Dilingual, it is possible to manually review translated pages or exclude URLs from translation, leaving you the choice of whether you want to translate your legal content or not.

Don't translate product names or trademarks

Very often product names, trademarks, or features are a wordplay on existing words. For example "Bluetooth". These names should not be translated but kept as-is. This requires that your translators are aware of the special meaning of these terms and don't translate them.

With Dilingual we support so-called "Ignored Words", any word that is defined as such will be excluded from translation and kept as-is. This feature is particularly powerful when you want to ensure consistent translation of a given term.

Translate your website today

These concerns are just a few of the things we keep in mind when developing Dilingual. If you want to translate your website, start using it for free today.

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