Should you translate a website yourself or use a translation agency?

Hire a third party translation agency or do it yourself? Check out the best solution for translating your website fast and efficiently.

We regularly get asked if one can translate a website alone or if one always has to rely on a professional translation agency. In this blog post our team has detailed the down- and upsides for relying on an external translator. The solution may surprise you.

Reasons to partner with a translation agency

Just like you probably don’t repair your car completely yourself there are cases where it makes sense to rely on professionals. The same also applies to translating texts as they often require native editors for a perfect translation. Translation agencies have native language specialists on retainer which usually have a linguistic university degree.

If some of the below criteria are being met, then you most likely should at least consider partnering with a translation agency:

  • You don’t have the time capacity available to handle translations yourself.
    Time is valuable, especially in a business context. There is often a better investment of time for your team than to spend hours translating content.
  • You don’t have a team that speaks several languages
    To translate texts into another language you obviously need to understand the language. If you don’t have a team member which is fluent in another language then you are often out of luck.
  • You want to ensure that translations are always 100% accurate
    While one may be tempted to rely alone on machine translation you never can be 100% sure that the translation is accurate.


In a nutshell: Translation agencies can make sure your content is translated correctly and unblock your team's time.

Reasons to translate a website yourself

Despite the upsides of working with a translation agency, there are some downsides to consider. There aren't many things in this world without strings attached after all :)

The following things are reasons why you should consider to translate your website independently:

  • Your website is small and not regularly updated
    If you have a website with just a few pages that are not regularly updated then it is probably cheaper to translate the website yourself. Using modern machine translations such as DeepL can go a long way.
  • You can’t afford paying a third-party for translating your website
    As with every professional, translation agencies don’t tend to work for free. This means that there is often a very high initial cost to translate the website. And remember that every blog post that you publish also will need to be translated.

While these reasons are not exhaustive they should give you a good indication: If you have the money to deal with a translation agency go for it.

The best of both worlds: Partner with translation agencies selectively

With Dilingual you can get the best of both worlds. You get an intuitive and easy to use application for translating your website, in addition you can easily partner with professional translators for translating your whole website or parts of it.

Translate your website today with Dilingual, and rely on external translators where you need them. Leverage the knowledge of your team for your website translation, and whenever you need help get them from professionals. And the best thing? You can translate your website for free using Dilingual. Only advanced features require a paid plan

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