Recommended tools for tech translation teams in 2022

Discover the recommended tools that could benefit your translation team for your tech project.

Are you a translator? Are you a translation company looking for tools that will make the  job of your team easier and better? Look no further, we have a list for you.  

Recommended translation tool for a website


Dilingual is all you need for translating a website. It is a top-notch translation management platform that enables you an all-in-one interface needed for translating a website.

Notable features: 

  • User-friendly : No technical knowledge is required to set up Dilingual.
  • Top-notch machine translation and the possibility to manually translate or make changes to translations.
  • Import & Export translations. You can easily import and export translations as CSV.
  • Team management.  You can easily invite team members to your project and assign roles such as translator, reviewer and administrator.
  • Collaboration tools.  Every team member can make suggestions and reviewers can review and accept translations that will be displayed on the website.
  • Visual Editor.  You can translate and review translations on your website  through an intuitive visual editor.


Recommended translation tool for web apps


Weblate is a popular open source solution used for translating web applications. We recommend Weblate for translating your web application. 

Notable features: 

  • Multiple file formats supported
  • Easy reviews - Translators can review contributions made by other translators or contributors
  • Open-source and can be self-hosted


Recommended translation tool for mobile apps


Transifex is a translation management platform which is popular for translating web apps and mobile apps. Transifex has plenty of features that would help you easily translate your mobile app in different languages. 

Notable features:

  • Localisation automation
  • Advanced collaboration tools


Translation tools for documents


DeepL is the leading company in the machine translation industry. We highly recommend DeepLTranslator for translating reliably translating your documents.

Notable features:

  • One click translation solution
  • Top machine learning company

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