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Multilingual Governmental websites with Dilingual

What is the simplest way to translate a governmental website? Should you trust machine translations for your governmental website?

It has become increasingly important for governments, agencies and institutions in the governmental environment to provide information, forms and offers in multiple languages to citizens and businesses. Especially in the context of a globalized world and the clash of many languages and different cultures in different countries, which we also wrote about in our blog post on officially multilingual countries in Europe. 

Already today, many governments use machine translation when information changes quickly due to current situations and needs to be translated at short notice.

                                    Source: Screenshot on the official site of European Union

In the context of the Corona pandemic, for example, the European Union translated its "Re-open EU" portal quickly and easily in over 24 languages by this way. Very often, information had to be adapted to current events and findings at short notice, which made manual translation, checking and time-consuming approval processes far too costly and impossible.

Can machine translations be trusted for your governmental website?

A mistranslation in a governmental website can indeed be fatal. One of the most famous translation mistakes in human history is probably the "mokusatsu" example, and that is a mistake done by humans, not a machine.

Machine translations or AI translations are getting better day by day, yet they don't guarantee 100% accurate translations. On the other hand, machine translations that are reviewed by humans might be the option available out there to ensure the accuracy of the translations on your governmental website. Fast and reliable translations, powered by AI and reviewed by humans, can be achieved through Dilingual, a translation management platform that solves your problem.

Translate your governmental website fast and in a reliable way

Our Dilingual platform already offers a turnkey system that can seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and infrastructure. And without complex customizations, administrative challenges or costly and lengthy implementations and training. So you can get started right away.

Do you have questions about your specific project, a possible implementation for your projects or the implementation in your agency or government organization?

Our team of experts will be happy to advise you individually and help you with the implementation so that your agency's website will soon be available in many different languages.

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