Learn how to preview your translated Webflow website.

Learn how to translate Webflow website. You don't need to sign-up to preview your translated website.

There are many different methods to translate Webflow websites. In this blog post, our team will show you the fastest way to preview and internationalize Webflow sites.

And the best: Everything we show here automatically ensures that your translated website will follow SEO best practices and be discoverable by search engines. After all, you should consider: What does a translated website help if nobody can find it?

Preview your translated Webflow website

The fastest way to translate and preview your Webflow website is by using our platform. Dilingual enables you to preview your translated website without signing up or anything!

To see your Webflow website translated, click on the following link:

Screenshot 2022-05-22 at 20.48.30

On this form, you need to provide your website URL (e.g., "") and into what languages you want to translate your website. Nothing else is required!

Some things that you should keep in mind when using the Dilingual preview for Webflow:

  • The preview does not support all languages. The complete list of supported languages is visible in the Dilingual admin interface. Make sure to sign-up for free.
  • You can edit all translations using the Dilingual admin panel.
  • The language switcher can be completely custom-styled using the Dilingual admin panel.
  • Websites on a paid subscription plan will use an enhanced automated translation mode.

Note: If you encounter any display issues, contact our customer support team at In many cases, our team will be able to help you make your website compatible.

Why you should translate your Webflow site with Dilingual

There are many reasons to have a translated website. Many countries in Europe have even several official national languages.

And even if your country may only have one official language: The world is becoming more global by the minute. Many potential customers may prefer another language to the official country language.

If you want to be competitive in this modern world, your audience must be able to understand you. Otherwise, you may miss out on business opportunities and revenue.

With Dilingual, you can stay ahead of your competition by launching and managing a translated website within seconds. There is no installation or maintenance required on your end.

You also don't need to worry about the initial legwork of translating your existing content: Our automated machine translation does the hard part for you.


Make sure to control the look and feel of your translated website.

With Dilingual, you control the look and feel of your translated website. One prominent example of this is the language switcher.

By default, the Dilingual language switcher is in the bottom right of your screen, which is compatible with most websites. However, you can change the look and feel inside the Dilingual admin panel. Do you prefer it to be displayed at another place or in your existing menu panel? With Dilingual, you can achieve this quickly and easily.

If you are curious about the different types of language switchers, check out our blog post detailing the best practices for language switchers.

Translate your Webflow website now with Dilingual.

We are sure that Dilingual is the best free-to-use tool to translate Webflow websites. So don't miss out: translate your website today using Dilingual.

Dilingual will automatically optimize your translated websites for SEO and keep up-to-date on best practices. Let our experts take care of the tech, so you can focus on growing your core business.

Not convinced yet or have any questions? Our team is happy to schedule a call with you to talk about your needs.

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