Is it lucrative to translate your website?

What are the benefits and costs of having a multilingual website?

Is it worth it to build a multilingual website?

Let’s talk about how profitable it is to translate websites. According to a report from the EU, 51% of the businesses in the European Union have multilingual websites. On top of that, a 32% turnover increase is expected by Small and mid-size Enterprises if their website was available in more language(s).

Grow your audience, grow your business

What are the perks of translating your website into multiple languages? A bunch of benefits of having a multilingual website include:

  1. Increased website traffic
  2. Better ranking on search engines in multiple languages
  3. Strengthen your brand name in different countries
  4. Happier customers
  5. Increased sales

What is the cost of having a multilingual website?

Website translation costs can depend on various factors, such as:

  1. Total words to be translated
  2. The number of languages that a website could be translated into
  3. The number of translators 
  4. Machine translation support

Dilingual is offering free plans and other affordable plans that include extra perks and benefits. Translate the website of your business today to expand your audience and grow your business.

Translation agencies profit from website translations

Have a quick look at the services that Translation Agencies have to offer, and you will notice that Website Translation is one of the most offered and demanded services. What's the reason behind it? Most likely there's an increased interest in translating websites, since translating websites has become one of the most profitable departments for many translation agencies. The average translation agency or translation freelancer will charge 30-300$/hour. 

Translation Management SaaS trying to kick translation agencies out of business?

A frequently asked question, but we can only answer for Dilingual. The goal at Dilingual is not to compete with Translation agencies. On the contrary, we are providing a solution that can be used independently by all businesses including translation agencies. We assist translation agencies translate their translations more efficiently and we explain in detail here how we achieve it.

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