The solution to translating a WordPress website

WordPress is the most widely used CMS system for websites and almost half of all websites are built with it. But how to quickly and easily offer a WordPress website in multiple languages? We have the solution.

WordPress is one of the most popular technical platforms and the technical foundation of almost half of the world's websites. If you are creating a new website for your project or writing a blog, there is a very high chance that you will use WordPress for this.

Why is WordPress so popular and chosen as CMS by so many websites?

The popularity of WordPress is based on several factors, including:

  • WordPress installation and maintenance is very easy for beginners and can be done in minutes. (Spoiler: All of this also applies to the translation for your WordPress website with Dilingual - but more about that later 😉)
  • There is a large community of WordPress users and developers, offering support in case of problems and constantly extend the platform with new themes and plugins. (You can read here, why it might not be smart to rely on a plugin and take the Dilingual "no-plugin approach")
  • WordPress websites can be easily edited by their non-technical editors with ease. Thanks to the Gutenberg editor and its block structure you and your team can focus on the content instead of dealing with complex HTML structures and code.

At this point, Dilingual does not differ from WordPress: Dilingual also takes this approach and offers zero-code solutions for your website, so that website translations, so translators, administrators and editors can meet and collaborate on a common collaborative platform without technical barriers.

What makes Dilingual the perfect solution for translating your WordPress website

If you want to translate your WordPress website into multiple languages you should take a look at Dilingual.

With Dilingual we have developed a custom-fit solution for the needs of the WordPress community:

  • 100% compatible with WordPress and its themes and plugins, thanks to cloud and ML powered engine.
  • No risk for the security of your WordPress website, since you don't need to install a new plugin that you have to patch and audit in a complex way.
  • Extensive collaboration features that allow you to review, approve or revise ML-powered translations of your website together with your team.
  • Easy way to try out translated versions of your website and test them on a staging platform in a straightforward way without releasing them on your production environment. No technical setup required.

Translate your WordPress website in seconds. Get started today!

If you want to translate your WordPress website with Dilingual today, you can get started right here. Additionally, if you would like a personalized consultation, you can make an appointment with one of our experts here.

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