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How to translate your blog posts

Blogging has become an important marketing strategy, and here's why you need to make sure to translate your blog posts.

Blogging has become an important marketing strategy for small/mid-sized enterprises (SMEs). Not having a blog has many downsides such as:

  • Not having a medium for you to share updates to customers and prospects.
  • Not being high ranked on search engines such as Google due to non-dynamic new content.

Why you should translate your blog posts

So for companies having a blog just makes perfect sense! But in a more and more global world, and multi-national markets such as the EU it is also important to consider translating your blog posts to other languages. After all, there is no little to no benefit if you have a blog that can't be understood by a majority of your website visitors.

If you are not yet convinced, check our extensive research post about multilingual countries in Europe. Make sure to move one step ahead of your competition by offering your services and products globally without a language barrier.

Translating your blog can be done quickly

Dilingual is one of the best ways to translate and internationalize your blog posts with ease. You can translate any existing website and blog within seconds using our intuitive and free-to-use website translation software.

All you need to do is select the website you wish to translate, choose between one or multiple languages and Dilingual will automatically create a translated version of your website. You can also choose where and how a language switcher should be displayed to your user.

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