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How to translate a TYPO3 website

Discover how you can make your TYPO3 website multilingual in seconds.

TYPO3 is a very powerful enterprise-grade CMS that scales from powering small websites up to huge websites of multinational companies. As TYPO3 offers a highly flexible content management platform, the admin interface allows you to perform just about any task you can think about.

This huge feature set comes however not without downsides: The admin panel is far from intuitive and onboarding new editors often takes a significant amount of time. This often results in avoiding onboarding new editors which results in an artificial bottleneck for any website changes.



The Typo3 Admin Interface for editing a page.


We at Dilingual understand how important it is that websites are translated quickly and correctly. Therefore we offer an intuitive user interface for translating your TYPO3 websites. In fact, it is also possible to invite additional editors to make sure that translation changes can be published quickly and easily.

TYPO3 translation without code changes

Due to our innovative approach there are no code changes required on your website to get started to translate it. This enables marketing teams to translate websites without needing to rely on potentially expensive third-party web agencies.

In fact, you can get a translated TYPO3 website using Dilingual within seconds. We automatically detect and translate text on your website using state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms. You and your team can then review and edit all translations manually using our intuitive user interface.


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The Dilingual Translation Interface enables your team to edit and review translations quickly.


To get started just sign up for Dilingual and see how your translated website would look like. Once you are happy with the translations you can easily publish it on your own domain. If at any point any technical help is required, our technical team will be happy to help.

Still not sure how to translate your TYPO3 website?

We believe that Dilingual is the best choice for translating TYPO3 websites, Dilingual enables you to translate your website without needing to do any changes to your website. With the intuitive user interface you enable all members of your team to perform text corrections on your website.

If you need any assistance to translate your website or want to get started, sign up for free. Our support team will be happy to help you onboard your website free of charge, as well as advise you on how to best use the platform.

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