How Keestash went global: Increasing their customer base through translation

If you're looking to translate your SaaS platform, then read this blog post to learn from Keestash's experiences!

As the global market for software as a service (SaaS) continues to grow, so does the need for platform providers to offer their services in multiple languages. For Keestash, a SaaS platform for password management, expanding its reach to new markets meant translating its platform into German and Turkish.

Offering their software in multiple languages not only increased Keestash's customer base but also allowed them to better serve their existing customers who were located in multilingual regions. Translating its platform also helped Keestash to establish itself as a truly global company.

While expanding their reach through translation was a great success for Keestash, it was not without its challenges. In this blog post, we'll take a look at some of the challenges they faced and how they overcome them.

Challenges faced when translating the Keestash SaaS platform

Dogan Ucar, the lead engineer of Keestash, told us that the company's translation journey was mostly successful. He said that a challenge they faced was finding the right balance between automated and manual translation- they wanted to offer their platform in many languages but also needed to ensure high-quality translations.

They eventually decided to use a combination of automated and manual translation, with the majority of the platform being translated automatically and then reviewed/edited by native speakers. Another challenge was making sure that the translated versions of the platform were kept up-to-date as the original English version was updated; they solved this problem by using a continuous translation process.

Finally, they also had to consider how to deal with different cultural nuances in the translations. They solved this by working with native speakers who could provide cultural insights and make sure that the translations were culturally appropriate.

Overall, Dogan told us that they are happy with the results of their translation project- thanks to translation, they have increased their customer base and established themselves as a truly global company.

How can you translate your own SaaS platform?

If you are looking to translate your own SaaS platform, then we recommend using a combination of automated and manual translation, as Keestash did. This will ensure high-quality translations while also allowing you to offer your platform in multiple languages quickly and efficiently.

If you need help getting started, then please contact us - we would be happy to assist you with your translation project!

About Keestash OTS

Keestash OTS ("One-Time-Secret") is a SaaS platform that enables users to share secrets securely. The platform uses strong AES encryption to store secrets in its databases. Secrets are deleted from the databases after 7 days. The platform offers enterprise usage for businesses. Enterprise users have access to features such as user accounts, centralized management of the passphrase used to encrypt secrets, API integration, reporting & statistics, and support.


Keestash OTS completes the Keestash platform as a "one-time secret" solution.

Keestash is developed by the German software development company "Ucar Solutions" and is available under a free and open-source license.

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