How translated landing pages help you to boost your business

Learn the difference between successful and unsuccessful landing pages. We also show you the fastest solution for translating your landing pages.

Many companies increasingly have so-called landing pages to present their products and services. A landing page has several characteristics that dramatically increase the conversation rate compared to regular websites. Landing pages should be an elementary part of your marketing strategy.

A successful landing page makes sure to obey the following guidelines:

  • Limited navigation elements: Landing pages don't include elaborate navigation or many subpages. There is no need for complex menu structures.
  • Clear messaging: The landing page focuses on a clear core message and works with brief sentences, catchy graphics, and images.
  • Unmissable Call-To-Action: Whether you want to generate inquiries, sign-ups, or purchases through a landing page, the central focus of any landing page is a clear call to action.

You should also make sure to offer internationalized versions. A translated landing page helps you find customers in the international market and generate leads worldwide.

Translated landing pages - a model of success for your business

A landing page doesn't just help you to grow your customer base. Landing pages also make your marketing strategy much more agile and accessible.

But how can you get started with your translated landing page? And what are the challenges for you as a landing page operator? We have outlined a few hurdles here:

But don't worry, we also provide the solution!

No problem for which there is no solution. With Dilingual.

Our website translation platform is a unique solution for landing page and website operators. Translating your website has never been as easy. Dilingual integrates with all your existing tools and translates your landing page in seconds.

Dilingual translates your website fully automatically, using machine-learning technology. Afterward, you can review and edit the translation using our web interface.

Try it out today.

You can get started translating your landing page into dozens of languages in just a few steps. All you need is the website address of your landing page. Preview it right here, or sign up for free and without obligation.

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