Dilingual API Sneak peak: Nextcloud Dashboard integration

Learn how the powerful new Dilingual API can help you translate your website more efficiently. Our first integration enables you to see your translation status within Nextcloud.

Dilingual enables website owners to translate their websites into dozens of languages regardless of the Content-Management-System (CMS) like WordPress, Jimdo, Typo3 or SaaS-providers like Webflow, Wix or Jimdo. Dilingual is powered by  modern and state-of-the-art machine learning engines that extract text from your website, translate it and automatically deliver it as a translated website. Thanks to automatic SEO optimization, you can reach customers and prospects from all over the world in seconds.

Introducing the Dilingual Dashboard Connector for Nextcloud

Today we would like to introduce another way for your team to better work together and collaboratively on your translated website, strings to be translated and manual review using machine-translated strings.

Meet the Dilingual Dashboard Connector for Nextcloud:

With our Nextcloud Dashboard integration, we enable website owners and teams to get an overview of the status of their translated website and upcoming tasks (reviews, translations and approvals) in seconds.

Powered by a new and powerful API

To implement this feature, we have extended the Dilingual platform with a powerful API that allows third-party apps and internal tools to interact with Dilingual in an efficient and closely linked way, creating a new dimension of possibilities for Dilingual and your translated websites. The Nextcloud app is here only as a tech demo for the almost infinite possibilities of the new Dilingual API.

If you are a developer and have a product you would like to equip with the Dilingual API or would like to learn more about the possibilities, please feel free to contact us.

If you are already using Dilingual and translating your website using our platform, you can request early access to our API interface using our in-app live chat.

Interested? Start today and make your website international!

Dilingual is already a great way to translate your website quickly and without any technical knowledge. With our free starter plan, you can turn your website into a multilingual and truly global magnet for international customers and visitors in seconds. 

Get started today and translate your website in seconds for free.

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