Benefits of having a multilingual law firm website

When law firms operate in international markets and serve clients multilingually globally, the question of a multilingual and reliably translated website is not far away.

For law firms, their own internet presence and thus their website are becoming increasingly important in the course of digitalisation.

This can have several reasons:

  • Winning new clients
  • Source of information for existing clients
  • General communication with the press and the public

It is of growing importance for you and your law firm to present your website in multiple languages if you:

  • Maintain relationships with international clients in multiple countries
  • Cooperate and collaborate with partners across national borders
  • Want to align your public relations and press activities with an international audience

The advantages of Dilingual

With Dilingual, we have developed a website translation solution that can be seamlessly implemented into your existing systems without complex technical changes to your systems. The unique features of Dilingual and the benefits it brings to law firms like yours include:

  • No prior technical knowledge required. The Dilingual website translation platform integrates seamlessly into your operations in seconds.
  • Industry-leading machine learning technology to translate your website not just word-for-word, but with context adequate. This ensures a trustworthy perception among your clients and website visitors at all times.
  • Possibility to configure individual customisations by exclude certain pages from being translated (imprint / privacy policy / legally binding texts) if a manual check in the target language is not efficient.

Get started today

You can start translating your website for your law firm today. Either get started yourself, or book a free, no-obligation consultation and set-up session with one of our experts.

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