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Keeping a bilingual website in sync

You managed to translate your website, but the translations soon got outdated. How do you make sure the translations stay up-to-date?


Free translation tool for non-profits and NGOs

Dilingual offers a simple and free tool for non-profit and charitable organizations to quickly and easily translate their website into dozens of...


Translating websites without a plugin

When webmasters want to expand the functionalities of a website they very often do this with the usage of so-called plugins.


How to translate your blog posts

Blogging has become an important marketing strategy, and here's why you need to make sure to translate your blog posts.


Translating GitHub Pages

When you create a blog or a website for your open source project, you might ask yourself how do I make a static website multilingual? How do I...


Translation for News and Journalism

Translation plays an essential role in international news reporting because it enables communication between people all over the globe. Online media...


The no-code revolution for business owners

No-code solutions are Software as a Service (SaaS) applications that enable you to solve complex technical problems without the need to write a line...

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